Monday, June 14, 2010

Frustration Station

Lot of crafting frustration going on here this week. I *still* can't find my sewing supplies, and I've torn the house apart on multiple occasions! I had really wanted to throw together the infinity dress for the winery grand opening (which, while hectic, went very well) but could not find my basic sewing implements! I'm too stubborn to admit defeat and just go to Walmart and buy new ones. I had been feeling pretty down today (case of the Mondays? maybe) and decided to walk over to the local Salvation Army to see if I could find any treasures or projects just waiting to happen. Turns out Google failed me - after walking over there, it turns out that it's just a donation center. They don't have a Salvation Army store in town, and the Goodwill is well out of walking distance without a *really* good reason - it's about 4 miles each way, about half of which is along a very busy 4-lane road, which is also the same road and approximate distance to Walmart. So new projects for me until boy can give me a lift up to the Goodwill (which isn't exactly his favorite thing to do, lol, especially since I'll want to wander around the store for awhile to find the goodies.) None of my current projects are holding my attention (or I can't find the damn supplies I already bought for them! :grumble:) and it is very frustrating.

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