Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Content!

So I've been quiet for the last several days. Hadn't been too much going on in the way of crafting. However, last night I made it to the local Goodwill store and in addition to finally obtaining a couple pairs of desperately-needed pants (I was down to 1 pair, eek!) I also picked up a couple of projects! I've started a neat little transformation project, inspired by a comment from my for-all-intents-and-purposes sister-in-law. My sewing machine is on the fritz, so I've been hand sewing and making it up as I go along, which doesn't exactly lend itself to a speedy final product. However, I made some good progress today and I've been taking photos along the way, so when I've got a finished project (and I've given it to her, so I won't ruin the surprise!) I will post a tutorial and photos both on here and on craftster. I can't wait to show you all...it's gonna be awesome! :)

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