Friday, June 11, 2010

In the Works: rostitchery's Infinity Dress

The Infinity Dress (as tutorialized by the phenomenal rostitchery on her blog) has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I'm not exactly sure what makes me put off this particular project so much (we're talking over a year now, folks) has one seam, you can wear it a number of ways that approaches infinity...I even have all the materials sitting in a bag in my closet! I picked up some 4-way stretch jersey cotton in this beautiful dark cocoa color from Walmart of all places for $2.50 a yard. The only thing that's been stopping me these last few days (when I've been bored by the internet and joblessness) is that I can't find my damn tape measure. I have a small pencil bag in which I keep my small sewing essentials (needles, pins, tape measure, needle threader, and the like) and while boy and I both *know* we've seen it since the big move, neither of us can find it. Perhaps tomorrow I will tear apart our closet while he's at work and see if I can find it once and for all. I would love to have it to wear on parents own a winery and they are having their official grand opening celebration (even though they actually opened their doors to the public back in March) with food pairings and a band and such. If I am successful in finding it and manage to pull it together before we leave for my parents' house tomorrow night, I will post some photos! Wish me luck!

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